Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Words For Wednesday provided this week by Elephant's Child.The words selections are:  

prank, arms, regret, light, hostility, crime
astronaut, wolf, prophesy, guillotine, bootlegger, adorable

I used all twelve this week. Thanks EC for some great words. 


Christine enjoyed her youth
Safe from city swarms
Enjoying sibling fun and pranks
Wrapped in family arms.

As Christine became an adult
She began to feel regret
That as much as she had fun
She hated the toil and sweat.

Hard work became what she
Saw as her grave plight.
Daily hostility grew as she
Was wooed by the city light.

No one would have guessed
That in sweet Christine's prime
She would be captured for
Committing a terrible crime.

They reduced her sentence
After she was caught
If she would agree to become
A Time Machine astronaut.

Her first assignment was
Debunking a prophecy
About a man becoming a wolf 
In the 11th century.

She lived an exciting life from
Rich lady to adorable beggar
She loved the 19th century
When she acted as a bootlegger.

The 17th century Salem Mass
Was the final direction of Christine
Bringing time travel to an end
A condemned witch on the guillotine.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Question Of The Week 10-17-16

What is your favorite thing 
to spend money on?

Blogger Granny Annie said...
Costume jewelry is almost as expensive as real gold, silver and diamond pieces. I have to be cautious in my buying but I do follow the lure of glitter and then rarely wear any of it.
5:07 AM
Blogger Tabor said...
Travel...even if it is just a car trip.
5:49 AM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
Art supplies, at least lately.
7:00 AM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
Electronic gadgets--actually gadgets in general.
8:03 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
8:43 AM
Blogger Jan said...
Dog much entertainment watching them have fun.
12:57 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Books. Or plants.
1:06 PM
Blogger The Happy Whisk said...
I got nothing. I don't like to spend money.
7:33 PM
Blogger River said...
Books and DVDs, also lately I've been buying packs of flashdrives when they are on sale, especially the 16GB or 32GB ones, each flashdrive can hold quite a few movies, so I'll be able to take one when I next babysit at my son's home because they have a player that uses flashdrives to watch on the TV. Their 3 DVD players simply aren't plugged in.
9:41 PM
Blogger Silver Willow said...
last few years it was purses and accessories for them (Vera Bradley.) Lately...just holding on to the money. :)
12:45 AM
Blogger Winifred said...
1:39 PM
Lynn said...
Books and music! And chocolate.
5:29 AM
Blogger cube said...
It used to be books until everything became digital *sigh* Just wait until the electrical grid breaks down and everyone wants to read a book.
2:03 PM
Blogger Kerry said...
Buying toddler clothes and books for the grand kids. :)
4:41 PM

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Something true something funny something pitiful, 
something ME:-)


Friday, October 14, 2016


Words For Wednesday provided this week by Elephant's Child. The words selections are:  
Cheerful, caravan, some, gossip, crossfire, group
freaky, error, afterlife, decade, end, cruise,
I used all twelve this week. We also got a great picture to include.  Thanks EC

RIGHT OR WRONG by Granny Annie

They began their cheerful caravan. Their campground was selected in a secluded and wooded area. Everyone loved the way the moon flickered through the trees.

All was well until the close group began to gab and gossip around the campfire.. Of course in this darkness the subject of ghosts had to come up. Some members got more than a little freaky as the casual topic turned to the afterlife. Many were adamant in pointing out more than one error in the thinking of another. You could always tell who was in the crossfire.

Their last gathering had been over a decade ago. Then they had gone on a cruise and enjoyed their time together. But, sadly, following these heated discussions in the forest, everyone knew this would be their last time the would go anywhere together.

Not a one of the once friendly crowd noticed the black shadows that began to move closer and closer into their tiny circle.

The end (in oh so many ways...)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016


Question Of The Week 10-10-16

Do you have home remedies that you swear by? 
What are they and what do they cure?

Blogger Winifred said...
I haven't really got any as I'm quite lucky & don't have many things needing them. One thing I could do with at the moment is a cough cure. I picked up a cough & a streaming nose (I blame the Eurostar) about 3 weeks ago & can't get rid of it. I hardly ever get a cold & can't remember having a cough like this in my life. Old age I suppose or maybe gadding around too much with air conditioning in hotels & on planes.

I'm a bit of a believer in letting your body heal itself but I haven't got time now. I need a flu jab & we're off on a cruise in a couple of weeks so I'd better get shot of this quickly.

The doctor didn't want to give me antibiotics so she suggested an antihistamine & a cough bottle! However I think I'll give the brandy, honey & lemon a shot first!!!
5:33 AM
Blogger Granny Annie said...
I only recently learned that leg cramps at night can be cured by drinking 2 Tablespoons of pickle juice.
9:10 AM

Blogger Lisa said...
The pickle juice works because of the salt content. If you find it more palatable, eat a small bag of potato chips. I swear by soaking in Epsom Salts for aches and pains. I don't know how it works, but it just does.
10:12 AM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
Epsom salt soaks supply magnesium which helps with the leg cramping at night. I also buy magnesium oil at a health food store and massage it on the bottom of my feet.
11:37 AM
Blogger Lynn said...
My niece's friend is a pharmacist and she told me to take 100mg of CoQ10 twice a day to help with the cramping caused by my statin drug (Zocar) for high cholesterol (inherited - grrr.) :) It really works - I can tell, because I ran out for a couple of days and the cramps slipped back in.
12:34 PM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
Granny Annie, I 'swear' by Emergen-C; that fizzy powder you add to H2O for all types of colds...
1:04 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Cramp cures? Point me at them.
Hot lemon and honey drinks are our go to. And sleep. And more than six weeks later I still have a cough.
1:50 PM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I'm huge on echinacea for colds and quercetin for seasonal allergies. I just took some echinacea as just had a lady empty her lungs on me in a store.
I have just recently developed leg cramps so I need to try pickle juice. Thanks.
1:58 PM
Blogger Lee said...
At all times eat lots of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables; good food, not junk food and as little processed food as possible...and drink water.
4:43 PM
Blogger Birdie said...
I am around a lot of sickness. A lot! In Canada, we have something called Cold Fx and I swear by it. I rarely get sick now and considering how many people cough right on me, don't wash their hands except once a week on bath/shower day I think that is impressive. I think it is a mixture of the Cold Fx and having a super immune system because I am around so much sickness. Germs fear me. That said, I am fighting a cold right now. No bare feet when you have a cold and keep toasty warm. The second my kids or husband start to get sick I make them put socks on.

See if you can get Cold Fx in the U.S. It is late to be taking it at this point but it can't hurt. Oh! Also local honey. It contains antibodies for your area. It must be local and unpasteurized.

I do hope you feel better soon. In the end, rest and fluids really do work. And put those socks on.
6:53 PM
Blogger lotta joy said...
I have diabetes and crohns disease and only recently read that these are signs of inflammation. So I'm now drinking a tablespoon of Bragg's vinegar (with the mother) before meals, along with eliminating all animal products. Surprisingly, I've been able to lower my insulin from 60 units (shot form) down to 26.

When I told my doctor I could no longer walk due to sharp pains in my hips, she said to take Turmeric (curcumin) and now I can walk a block and back. Not far, but better than nothing.
9:06 PM
Blogger River said...
In summer I don't have much trouble with anything, but in cooler months I find resting my back against a hot water bottle helps to soothe just about anything as well as the aching back. The warmth relaxes first the back, then the rest of me. I don't get colds, but take antihistamines for hayfever about ten months of the year. I take a Cod Liver Oil capsule, a 1000mg Vitamin C and a spoonful of Malt Extract syrup every single day.
11:19 PM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I do not I'm afraid, but I was interested in reading all the ones suggested by your other blogging buddies!
1:41 AM

carol l mckenna said...
Love natural remedies for ailments ~ wonderful selection~

Wishing you a special week ^_^
12:33 PM
Blogger Brite Mist said...
oh dear...have i got a list and being who i am, i tested most in the lab!
vinegar - for cleaning and disinfecting (it really does kill most bacteria)
apple cider vinegar - gargling -it does the same in your throat as it does in on the counters
anise or fennel seeds 9 i found wide spread use in many cultures) - high in vitamin C and soothes respiratory distress (but it can upset the stomach in large quantities)
Hot peppers - for pain and colds (lots of vitamin C and helps the body create endorphin to remove pain)
this is a few...i think i have dome more on my blog
2:24 PM
Blogger Kerry said...
I was going to say hot lemon Theraflu for bad colds, but realized that is not exactly a home remedy. They say drinking cider vinegar fixes just about everything, and soaking in epsom salts fixes the rest. But I haven't tried it yet! Maybe I should do it proactively.
Cookies and milk usually does the trick for me whenever I feel bad about anything.
3:21 PM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
Yes Lynn, everyone 'should' be taking CoQ10.
3:34 PM
Blogger Brig said...
I'm very seldom sick so I don't take anything, well the occasional B12 tab when my energy level seems low. I've made it to 70!
5:14 PM

Blogger Silver Willow said...
Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. For all kinds of things!!! (google can tell you all about it.)
10:56 AM
Blogger Winifred said...
Think Lee's right about eating fresh & not processed food. I don't like processed food because of the high salt/fat & sugar content. However I know I don't drink enough water. I do on holiday but for some reason at home I don't.

I'm rarely ill so don't have any cures, however I'm trying cider vinegar on salads & it's great. Also love it mixed with honey. It's not as good as the brandy,lemon & honey but not bad!
7:00 PM
Blogger Barb said...
You already know all mine! I love Arnica for bruises and muscle pain (a gel and also homeopathic pills from the Arnica flower). No junk food. Fresh air and exercise. Appreciation and meditation. I also think Magnesium is a wonder mineral - many people are low in it.
1:06 PM
Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
Vinegar , cider type, 2 tablespoons I like to eat in cabbage to cure acid reflux for weeks! No heartburn here- free cure.

Coconut oil is chapstick, skin oil, hair conditioner, for dry weather. Swish it for teeth n gums also. Wish I knew about it 30 years ago...
3:14 PM