Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Sunday, December 04, 2016


There are just some things I can't 
resist sharing.  
Ha, ha, ha, ha,...

My son keeps me supplied in these funnies.

Thursday, December 01, 2016


This was Carolyn McBride's last week to provide our Words For Wednesday.  She definitely is going out with a bang.  Such interesting words...many I had to look up.  December words will be provided by Vest of The Daily Gaggle.

Words for today are:
merkin, kibbe, truck, supernatural, sozzled, chubasco, whiskey, sunshine

Here goes my last WFW  for Novermber, 2016

CINDER-FELLA by Granny Annie

Crashing the party she did attend
Dressed as a man to fool the eyes.
But to pass herself as distinguished
She needed more for her disguise.

Not a hat or a walking stick...
A goatee would suit the style
She searched and searched
Until her merkin brought a smile.

Approaching the bar tapping her glass
“Serve the whiskey, pour it now.
There is a goal. for this evening..
To leave sozzled is my vow.”

They were like supernatural gusts
That scattered the guests in the wind.
Party decorations blown away,
When would this sudden chubasco end?

The food had just been served
The kibbe fried and crisp.
No one had expected
The hurricane's wild twist.

Her carriage was a pickup truck
She ran hoping safely to flee.
The storm continued until
Away went the goatee.

She escaped like Cinderella
Missing more than just her shoe.
Would the sunshine of a new day
Help her recover the fuzzy clue?

Monday, November 28, 2016


Question Of The Week 11-28-16

If you could have personally witnessed any family or historic event, what would you wish to have seen? 
  (Comments are added to this page after you post them.  Thanks for your responses.)

 Blogger ashok said...
I would want to see the creation of Adam and Eve ;)
6:03 AM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I would have liked to be in the recording studio when Jackie Wilson recorded "Reet Petite". Is that obscure enough for you? :D
8:56 AM

Blogger Jan said...
I would like to have seen the surrender of Japan to end the war.
9:34 AM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
I would have liked to have been at/seen Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Also, I would have liked to have seen the arrival of the (parts of?) the Statue of Liberty...I would have liked to have been at one of the very first meetings with American Indians as well. Would have liked to sat with Fossey among the mountain gorillas, too...Another, would have liked to laid on the scaffolding with Michelangelo whilst watching him paint in the Sistine Chapel.
11:42 AM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
So many places/times/people/events.
I would like to have seen (from a safe distance) Jack the Ripper. And to be able to travel in time and stop him from completing his killing sprees.
1:30 PM
Blogger cube said...
If you posit that I can go back in time, then it stands to reason that I can go forward in time, as well. I'd like to be there when we land on Mars. It's been a dream of mine since childhood.
1:35 PM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I would have liked to have been one step behind Neil Armstrong in 1969 instead of watching from my couch.
5:05 PM
Blogger Birdie said...
I would go see my 4x great grandparents arriving in the city I still live.
7:13 PM
Blogger River said...
I'd like to see the landing of our shipload of immigrants here in Australia back in 1953.
EC; have you been reading April White's Marking Time series?
12:40 AM
Blogger Silver Willow said...
I think I would've loved to have gone to Woodstock. I was too wussy to do it back then.
12:45 AM
 Blogger Alan Ginocchio said...
I would have like to have witnessed the Mesozoic Era, especially the Jurassic Period, and then finished it off by witnessing how those magnificent animals actually met their demise...
7:28 AM

Blogger Kay said...
This is fun to see what everybody else wrote. I don't know what I would have liked to see. It would have been neat to see Leonardo da Vinci carving the Pieta though. Right now, I wish we could have been in the stands watching the Cubs win the World Series. Sigh...
12:49 AM
Blogger G. B. Miller said...
Whoops, got the name wrong. Had to Google it myself. I would have love to be with Judge Joseph Crater on his last day on earth.

Father Nature's Corner
4:38 AM

Blogger Granny Annie said...
G.B., I did google Judge Joseph Crater and found the amazing story of his disappearance. How has he been missed right up there with Hoffa and D.B.Cooper. Thanks for the reference:-)

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. We've got a "lovely bunch of coconuts" among this group of bloggers:-) It makes the QofTW worth posting to read your great responses.
5:04 AM

Brig said...
I would have liked to have gotten to break bread with Jesus.
2:21 PM
Blogger Tabor said...
Well, I might have liked to have met and spent an evening talking with Jesus, Budhha and Mohammed...maybe as close in time as I could. I would have liked to have been at my parents wedding. Any future space aliens we meet would be cool.
3:50 PM


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Today Words For Wednesday is a combination with our THANKSGIVING in the U.S.A.
Thank you Carolyn McBride for the challenging words today.

complicated, rodent, humor, theology, nature, sarcastic

Another Thanksgiving was here.
Always a gathering quite drastic
Family humor leaning toward
The bitter and sarcastic.

Mother always dreaded
How it was so complicated.
She entered her room this year
With a plan to stay barricaded

Politics and theology
Would stir up nomenclature
And voices rose in argument
It was the family nature.

Now time for the feast
Thus entered an odor potent.
Instead of turkey for the mob
Mom had baked a rodent.

You are all a bunch of rats!
Holding the platter smiling wide
Her laughter echoed loudly
As she turned to run and hide.


Monday, November 21, 2016


Question Of The Week 11-21-16

If we came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for us?
  (Comments are added to this page after you post them.  Thanks for your responses.)
Blogger Granny Annie said...
I am not much of a domestic goddess. One of my coworkers gave me a recipe for quiche and I served it to a special guest many years ago. It was the biggest hit of any meal I ever prepared so if time a patience is required, I will make Lea's Superlative Quiche. Otherwise I heat up something good from Schwans Online Delivery Service:-)
5:04 AM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I wouldn't, I don't cook. :D
7:26 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
Pork tenderloin...a favorite of mine.
7:44 AM

Blogger Tabor said...
It depends on the season...summer is seafood and crabs if you are not allergic. Fall is root vegetables and some roast perhaps, winter is whatever mood I am in but probably a pasta dish and spring is all that fresh stuff and lamb. Having written this, I also do a lot of Asian style cooking. Yep, I am a foodie. By the way, I deleted the Gut Punch entry and will see if that helps with all of my posts!!! Thanks for your testing.
9:28 AM
Blogger Alan Ginocchio said...
Vienna sausage on toast....
10:37 AM
Blogger Silver Willow said...
I lost my domestic goddess, entertaining muse qualities in the past decade or so. I'm enjoying being the guest now at family events, instead of hosting.

We'd probably grill steaks. :)
10:42 AM
Blogger Birdie said...
Probably spaghetti. Or a roast. Or tacos.
11:40 AM
Blogger The Happy Whisk said...
Whatever you enjoyed eating. That's what I'd make for you.
11:44 AM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
It would depend on the occasion, the time of year, and the tastes of the guests. I enjoy cooking for others.
12:00 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
I am with Olga here. And, since I am vegetarian and my partner is not, there is always a choice.
12:31 PM
Blogger Lynn said...
This: Lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic. So good. And my great aunt's "Tennessee" cornbread, with butter. Yum.
1:22 PM
  Arkansas Patti said...
I would go with my new favorite of salmon, roasted new potatoes and kale chips. If fish were not your dish then I would substitute pork tenderloin rolled in a mixture of Italian bread crumbs, olive oil and roasted.
6:30 PM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
Probably eggplant parmesan (with eggplant from our garden; it is one of my husband's specialties) with bruschetta and good wine. Might sneak in a squash casserole dish as it is also one of his specialties. If I cooked, and you were so inclined, I make 'killer' seafood chowder (pink or red) or seafood jambalaya (rice dish.) Our best dish (I think) is Anthony Bourdain's recipe from an (old) Italian women: Ragu with pasta (which includes about 5 different kinds of meat in it; including rolled, tied beef stuffed with currents!) To DIE for. Authentic. :-) We would like to start an informal, rotating supper club in our home, actually.

9:26 AM
Blogger Brig said...
A steak, medium rare, topped with sauteed in butter, green onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, and tomatoes... yum
10:55 AM
 Blogger River said...
It would depend on what you like and whether or not I know how to cook what you like. If you're not fussy at all, that makes things easier. Beef potroast in winter, with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable, apple pie for dessert; chicken schnitzel and salad in the summer, ice cream and canned fruit for dessert.
Or we could go out for pizza.
12:50 AM

Blogger Lee said...
Oh, the choices are many.

If you like seafood, I'd put on a large platter of fresh Queensland seafood; or seafood as a starter (entree as we call it here in Australia) followed by the best piece of fillet cooked to your liking served with hasselback potatoes, mushrooms, a red wine sauce and a side salad made from homegrown produce.

And perhaps a delicious rich chocolate dessert of some sort...served with whipped cream and/or homemade ice cream!
4:15 PM
 Blogger cube said...
My eldest loved my chicken parmesan very much and had it as her birthday meal for many years. She tried the dish in many other places and she swore up and down that mine was the best she'd ever had. I also make a mean red bean soup that both of my girls swear is out of this world. Now, I ask you, is it really my cooking, or am I brainwashing my girls ;)
9:57 AM